3 Ways to Stop a Fight

You keeping getting stuck! The more you share the uglier it gets! It's happening sooner than expected and you don't know what to do! Does this sound familiar?

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Hi! I’m Dr. Heather

I've been a psychotherapist and a mother for 25 years.  I love both roles deeply. I am excellent at helping people change sticky thought processes and see the other side of challenging situations. They call me the "reframe queen". My specialties are couples communication and intimacy, grief and loss, spirituality and faith, and transforming lives into expressions of beauty and joy.

At a particular point, my husband and I found ourselves at the height of frustration. We felt unheard, misunderstood, unappreciated, and angry. Heather's was exceptional at helping us to better hear each other, to understand not only how we felt, what we wanted, and what we expected--but she helped us to clearly see the other's perspective, to help us bridge the gaps and diffuse the problems we found ourselves stuck in. She would use clear, straight-forward, loving, gentle, and assertive communication to appeal to both my husband and my communication style. She would use humor to cut through the tension. She helped mend a great marriage that was struggling. We've been married for 20 years, and the past 5 have been the best years ever--due in great part to Heather's coaching. My husband and I both feel seen, heard, loved, and validated. When we falter, as we inevitably do, we've got the tools from Heather to help us bounce back. This has left my husband and I feeling appreciated, desired, and valued.