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What couples need is a practical way to understand what it takes to truly communicate on a deeper level, not just with their partner, but within themselves. It is through this new level of understanding and self-awareness that couples can learn what it means to nurture their relationship, accept and love their partner, and authentically show up as themselves.

Speaking With the Heart¬†is the book of our generation that will redefine how couples connect, communicate, and build their lives together. As the first book of its kind that addresses all the facets of communication with a highly unique methodology makes it a go-to resource for couples ‚Äď at all stages ‚Äď to move beyond confusion, chaos, and conflict. I walk the reader through expert teaching and exercises so they can take action and resolve core issues at the root.

Written with personal stories and exercises woven throughout for couples to implement immediately, Speaking With the Heart teaches couples how to lead their conversations with intentionality, mindfulness, and always from a place of connection.

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Transforming Your Communication and Relationship with Compassion and Success

I’ve worked as a psychotherapist specializing in couples communication. After witnessing the incredible transformation that takes place when couples are equipped with the right perspectives and strategies to connect with every conversation, I wanted to share my unique methodology and framework with the world. 

Uniquely told through my own personal stories with actionable exercises within each chapter, my book, Speaking With the Heart, provides the reader with the loving accountability they need to make key changes in how they show up and interact with their partner. 

As the first book of its kind, Speaking With the Heart goes well beyond what traditional couples communication books offer and shows couples how to powerfully shift their perspectives by understanding:

  • The true definition of communication and the five components of healthy communication
  • The attachment styles and how they present themselves within relationships¬†
  • The¬†right¬†way to apply the five love languages and how they evolve over time¬†
  • The root cause of fear and the impact it has on trust within conversations
  • The importance of play and practical ways to keep every relationship fun and exciting
  • The best approaches to address money, sex, and family challenges without conflict
  • The role of intimacy and sex and how to approach it from a deeper and more connected approach¬†

Speaking With the Heart is truly my life’s work and is strategically positioned to not only enhance communication between couples, but its lessons and exercises are equally applicable for any reader who wants to improve their relationships in every area of their life.

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