I am delighted that you are here and I am honored to support you on this powerful and sacred journey of exploration, growth, and healing.   Take a deep breath, explore, and please, enjoy!  

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I am so glad you are here and I am honored to see how I can support you on your journey of exploring and healing.  So, take a deep breath, explore my site, and enjoy!

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How to be a Conscious Communicator!       

 Which is THE most important question to ask yourself BEFORE stepping into a conversation?


           1.  Are you open to the other person's perspective?         

2.  Will this conversation benefit the other person?

     3. Why are you wanting to discuss this specific topic?

Who is Dr. Heather?

I am a mother, psychotherapist, poet,  speaker, seeker of love, beauty, and joy.  I believe it is our opportunity and calling to live our life as sacredly and powerfully as we can imagine.  I am delighted that you are here and I am honored to support you on this powerful and sacred journey of exploration, growth, and healing.  Take a deep breath, explore, and please, enjoy!  

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What does our journey look like? 


1 on 1 + Couples Therapy

Let's work in person or virtually to achieve your goals and transformation. 


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Online Courses

An intensive short-term exploration to help you master your skills and abilities in specific areas.


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Weekly Membership Dive

Jam packed with information, prompts, and exercises to guide you on your journey of exploration and growth. 


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The Heart Rocks Tribe


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What They're Saying

Dan Ashley - anchor ABC7

I’ve had the chance to work with Dr. Heather Browne for the past two years and she’s terrific. As a television news anchor, we rely on experts to help us navigate our viewers through complex issues. Dr. Browne has a great depth of understanding and keen insight which, combined with a warm and engaging manner,  puts people at ease. 

Dori R.

Dr. Heather is a very intuitive, honest and supportive therapist. I was looking for someone who had a God centered approach and she was the ONE! I knew I was in good hands and had the help I needed to move forward.  I highly recommend her.

Christina Reilly

Dr. Heather is one of the best therapists I have had personally and for my past relationship. She is truly compassionate about her patients success and wellbeing. She helped me get out of a toxic cycle and I have taken her lessons to heart and implemented them into my new, healthier lifestyle and my new amazing relationship. Thank you Heather for helping me get to this point of pure happiness! I am grateful.

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What Do You Do When It Gets Hard?

Sep 11, 2022

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