Life Coaching

Sometimes we need a little bit of guidance and strategy to achieve our goals of self discovery, relationship, and career success.
Coaching is an active exploration to identify any obstacles or faulty beliefs and actions that you have which are keeping you from feeling motivated to change and grow as you desire.  Together we will set goals, come up with a game plan, and watch you expand, explode, and excite!
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I just wanted to tell you Thank you again!! As I’m texting you I’m crying. The relief I feel from crossing paths with you and everything you are and say–completely resonates with me. For the first time in a long time, I feel understood. I’m going to take a warm bath, cry and then get into bed and wrap myself in my fur blanket and hug ME. I’m going to listen to the rain and just meditate on giving thanks to the universe. Thank you thank you thank you! 

 ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Tasha

Individual Therapy

Whether you’re dealing with grief and loss, life transitions, re-parenting, relationship, or cultivating healthy self-love and growth, doing it alone can be hard and confusing. Let me walk you through this journey embracing the power and the potential of the full you.

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Couples Therapy

The number one reason couples come to therapy is communication. But their true struggle is in lack of connection. Dr Heather cultivates compassion and connection while teaching conscious communication skills for people who want to transform relationship and conversation, moving from fear and judgment into embracing wisdom, compassion, and respect. Specialties include intimacy, infidelity, parenting, life transformations, and grief and loss.

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Speaking With the Heart for Individuals!


Speaking With the Heart is a 6 week on-line course revealing the art and mastery of communication.  I will share 27 years of psychotherapy knowledge in helping 1000’s of individuals and couples connect through conscious compassionate communication.  You will be amazed how this course transforms your conversations and relationships for yourself and with others.  You can join live or completely self paced.  Join me as I show you that communication is a healing and comforting love letter.

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Speaking With the Heart for Couples

I am thrilled to announce that I have created a 6 week program for couples who want to transform their relationship in communication and connection.  Sometimes you need some education more than just therapy. Let me take the 27 years of couples work and crystallize the communication challenges.  But here’s what’s really lovely, you still get your private sessions with me!  And the price is the same as sessions too.  This is ideal for the couple who wants to overhaul communication and change habits, patterns, and end the fighting.  We will go through my entire Speaking With the Heart program customizing it to explore your relational and communication needs.  Each week we will step deeper and further into healing your communication hurts and connections.  This will cultivate deeper understanding, compassion, and intimacy, and an entirely different view about communication and how both you and your partner feel and connect.

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Workshops You Need

How would you like to explore specific areas of growth and healing in relationship, intimacy, and communication in workshop style?  Dr. Heather’s quarterly workshops bring a powerful topic and challenge to ignite and inspire.

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Heart Rock Membership

For those who love learning, understanding, and exploring, Dr. Heather walks you through a journey of finding and uncovering. Membership includes videos, writings, affirmation, meditation, photos, and challenges created for you. Just like finding a heart rock, Heather’s treasures will be you.

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