Communication can be a beautiful love letter

or a brutal fight of tongue and will. 

We know we can improve how we speak,

connect, and impact others.  

How do you cultivate this transformation?   

How do you create conversations that flow

with respect and resolution? 


Conscious   Compassionate  Communication

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Does this sound familiar?


  • You find yourself having the same cycle of arguments again and again without any difference in resolution or outcome.
  • You are starting to shy away from discussions to avoid conflict or challenge.
  • When someone says, “We need to talk”, you feel scared or defensive.
  • You want to be an excellent communicator at work and in your relationships.
  • You frequently say, "We need better communication." 


Think about it:


And fortunately, it’s one of the easiest things to change WHEN you know how.

You are exactly where you need to be to grow.  

Welcome to:

By the end of this program,

you will have...


  • Recognized the power of using language intentionally and consciously.

  • Gained the skills to pre-pave for desired outcomes in important conversations.

  • Learned how to cultivate supportive respect in communications.

  • Uncovered limiting beliefs that rob you of your power in interactions.

  • Embraced how to love yourself and others in fluid connection.

  • Mastered how to pace your communication to eliminate future arguments.

  • Cultivated playful and fun tools to deepen relationships and intimacy.

“ As a television news anchor, we rely on experts to help us navigate our viewers through complex issues. Dr. Browne has a great depth of understanding and keen insight which, combined with a warm and engaging manner, puts people at ease.”

                                                                            Dan Ashley anchor ABC7 news

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My Amazing Alumni

You have such a beautiful gift of rearranging thoughts that are bothersome into thoughts that actually serve positively and encourage growth. You have led me to focus on better ways to view in my heart and mind. Thank you for the many times you have opened my perspective and therefore, led me from dark to light! You are a great blessing!

Laura B. 

I had never been to a therapist before seeing Heather. My husband and I had been having issues communicating, owning a company together & having a one-year-old... not to mention all the hits 2020 brought our way. After leaving our first session there was a huge weight lifted off both of us. she helped us better understand the way the other was feeling and gave great suggestions to improve our relationship.

Tay V.

Heather has helped my husband and me sort through conflict during a difficult season. We continue to see her because it helps us to continue to communicate and connect and remember who we are. I love her straight forward yet loving attitude she postures with both of us. I love knowing that Gods word is held up in her approach with us. I definitely recommend Heather for real any issue you might be facing.

Suzanne J.

Heather is an incredible therapist. I have never met someone who cares so deeply about their clients. She goes above and beyond, is creative with finding ways to help you overcome your challenges, and holds an immense amount of space for those she works with. She is extremely compassionate, and also honest with you. She is very human which makes "going to therapy" so much more comfortable and less scary. This is absolutely her calling.

Rachel S.

What’s Inside Speaking with the Heart


Module 1


The purpose and importance of Communication is not really taught in life.  We just start talking and reacting. That is why we don’t understand each other and fight, we get hurt, and we give up.  But just like in any skill, there is an art and a craft in understanding what communication can truly be and how to strive for excellence.

This module explores the bigger picture.  It helps you embrace the power of communication so you can reach greater clarity, connection, and a deeper understanding of each other.

How we talk to ourself colors all of our communication.  We will explore your personal self talk and help you utilize it for empowerment and growth.  

Communication is a love letter with yourself.  I want to help you embrace yourself deeply.

Module Highlights:

Transform your view of communication and recognize your patterns of speaking and listening.

  •   Overview of communication and the 5 necessary components of    healthy communication
  •   A deep dive into self-talk and image
  •   Lessening negative chatter
  •   Mindfulness
  •   Love Languages
  •   The art of listening
Module 2

Where Do You Wobble?

We all have areas where we struggle in communication.  Where do you? 

Is it in standing up for yourself, sharing tougher conversations, asking for your needs to be met, or is it in being patient? 

Are you too pushy and demanding and often engage in verbal sparring?

This module will help you see your patterns so you approach conversations differently.  Taking personal responsibility will expand your capacity to  communicate effectively.  We will get you out of habitual communication ruts and create new pathways for compassionate understanding.

Module Highlights:

Recognize the areas where you struggle to effectively communicate and learn what you can do differently. .

  • Exploration and mapping of Attachment Styles 

  •  Are you in fight or flight mode?

  • Learning to guide conversations by speaking consciously into what you do want to achieve.

  • Recognizing your Negative assumptions and beliefs about others

Module 3

Respect Honor Kindness Willingness

Conversations are significantly enhanced and altered by having an intention before you begin.  Where do you want to go in this conversation and why?  What is important to include and what is best left out? 

In this module, you will learn specific steps that cultivate effective supportive conversations.  There are important questons to ask and explorations to have for deeper understanding and improved agreement.  Understanding the goal is vital.  

Module Highlights:

Determine if this conversation is wise or necessary.

  •  What are the 4 questions you need to ask yourself before starting  any important conversation? 
  •   What is your Intention?
  •   How to make your relationship more important than the topic of the conversation.
  • What are your agreements you make with each other on how you will handle this exploration? 
Module 4

Agreement and Decisions

How do you make changes in your communication? 

How do you work toward a positive outcome?

How do you stay calm and connected?

How do you pause when it is needed?  And how do you step back in?

What is necessary for you to feel safe in a tough conversation?

Module Highlights:

Creating safety, support, finding commonalities, and compassionately tolerating differences.  Pacing and modulation as vital components for clear expression.

  •   What are your concerns and fears?
  •   What is your Safety protocol?
  •   Learn how pacing lets you feel regulated and supported.
  •   How do you create space and time outs?
  •   How do you enrich understanding and connection?
Module 5

Offering Your Hand 

Okay, you are ready for the meaty challenging stuff!  What do you do when  emotions rise, frustrations suddenly appear, and harshness pops out? 

How do you respond to judgements or accusations?

What do you do when you are overwhelmed or breaking down?

Put on your safety helmets!  The support crew is on the way!

Module Highlights:

Learn to respect yourself and others throughout the conversation.  How do you  lessen the intensity?  How can you shift in the moment to stay on track?  How to be safe and wise in conversations.  How do you work through challenges without bringing in past history?  How do you allow this conversation to be different, helpful, and successful?

  • How to be Mindful of fears
  • Learning to trust your needs
  • Getting to the yes
  • Stepping in and out with grace and compassion
Module 6


Now it's time to review.  We will walk through the entire cycle together and explore your growth, you changes, and address how to further refine your skills and your success.

Module Highlights:

Learn from each conversation and make helpful adjustments to continue growing.  Keep leveling up in your ability to communicate.  Make definitive decisions about conversations to best honor you and your relationships.

  • We will do a complete cycle review to reinforce the skills you have learned.
  • We will re-explore the shifts that you have made in thinking, approach, interactions, and your outcomes in communication.
  • We will refine and polish any part that could benefit from more kindness and compassion.  
  • Honor how you have stayed true to yourself, others, connections, and conversations.  Let's celebrate your wins!

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    Weekly Zoom Calls with Dr. Heather guiding you through each section of the program.  You can join live starting Thursday September 22nd at 6pm PST or you can watch later.

  • Q and A

    Weekly Zoom Q and A to cover any questions for each section of the program.  These follow the weekly lives for another 30 minutes.

  • Resources

    Weekly PDF’s with exercises to help you fine tune each section’s material to transform your communication.


Plus These Bonuses to Help You Deepen Your Communication Skills


Bonus 1

Q and A with Dr. Heather in a Private Facebook Group. 

Heather will personally respond to any questions posted in our Facebook group to support and assist you in your growth and understanding during our 6 week program. 

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Daily Affirmations or Challenge

As we learn something new, we can all benefit from a little encouragement, humor, and compassion.  Heather will post a Daily question, encouragement, challenge, or affirmation in the Private Facebook Group to stretch and support you.

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Still thinking about it?

  1. Let me show you how significantly your connections, your relations, and your career are impacted by learning conscious, compassionate communication.

  2. Who will you be and how will you get to live as you cultivate a higher skill and confidence in communication?

  3. What level of joy and connection is possible?

  4. I can’t wait to meet you personally as we walk hand in hand Speaking With the Heart.

I can’t wait for you to join Speaking with the Heart

Speaking With the Heart revolutionizes communication.  You will realize the absolute power, art, and skill of communication.  I will show you how to craft and create a successful conversation embodying respect and wisdom as you overcome the confusion, arguing, and the wasted time you are enduring.  You will improve your interactions and your relationships.

This program provides a step-by-step strategy for the entire journey — from understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your judgments, fears, and beliefs, to planning, creating, and altering every single future conversation and relationship that you choose.

Blessings until then!

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