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We aren’t taught how to communicate well and because of this, we don’t connect, care, or express ourselves as powerfully and authentically as we can.  This educational communication program changes that drastically.  You will be given keys to unlock those important layers to deepen your intimacy, compassion, and closeness.  You are going to fall in love with communication.   Get ready to stretch, explore, and refine every important conversation moving forward.

“As a television news anchor, we rely on experts to help us navigate our viewers through complex issues. Dr. Browne has a great depth of understanding and keen insight which, combined with a warm and engaging manner, puts people at ease.”

                            Dan Ashley anchor ABC7 news


This is for you if you are...

Frustrated with feeling like roommates. Bored with the complacency and routine. Where’s the sizzle? Let’s help you find and reignite your spark!

Wanting to uncover the limiting beliefs that rob you of your personal power and truth in your relationship.  Learn how to support, encourage, and uplift each other when you are scared or overwhelmed.

Lovers who want to treasure one another and finally feel heard, respected, and deeply desired.

Missing and yearning for deeper connection, richer conversations, sweeter compassion, and a lot more patience.

This is not for you if you are...


A couple who is in crisis: recent breach of faithfulness, active drugs or alcohol addiction, or any form of physical violence. Crisis needs therapeutic help and support.

Partners who have a difficult time taking personal responsibility and are caught in blaming, shaming, or fighting to win.

Lovers who resent caring about each other’s thoughts and feelings.

Couples who don’t have 2 hours a week and the necessary financial resources to explore and transform your relationship.


I had never been to a therapist before seeing Heather. My husband and I had been having issues communicating, owning a company together & having a one-year-old... not to mention all the hits 2020 brought our way. After leaving our first session there was a huge weight lifted off both of us. she helped us better understand the way the other was feeling and gave great suggestions to improve our relationship.

Tay V.

This educational program is designed for intelligent, committed, engaging partners who want to cultivate intimate, playful, and tender communication together.

By the End of This Program, You'll:

Recognize your power of using language

Intentionally and consciously cultivate respect and compassion. Learn how to deeply care for each other once again.

Uncover the limiting beliefs

Uncover the limiting beliefs that rob you of your personal power and truth in your relationship.  Learn how to support, encourage, and uplift each other when you are scared or overwhelmed.

Master pacing

Use communication to eliminate anger and future arguments. Gain the skills to step into important conversations wisely by knowing where you want them to go.

Cultivate playfulness

Explore fun tools to deepen your relationship, passion, and intimacy. Learn how to love your partner in the precise way that they can receive it best.

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“Heather is an incredible therapist. I have never met someone who cares so deeply about their clients. She goes above and beyond, is creative with finding ways to help you overcome your challenges, and holds an immense amount of space for those she works with. She is extremely compassionate, and also honest with you. She is very human which makes "going to therapy" so much more comfortable and less scary. This is absolutely her calling.”

                                             Rachel S.

What’s Inside the Program...

Module 1



Communication is a love letter with yourself. I want to help you embrace yourself deeply. Transform your view of communication and recognize your patterns of speaking and listening.


  • Overview of communication and the 5 necessary components of healthy communication
  • A deep dive into self-talk and image
  • Lessening negative chatter
  • Mindfulness
  • Love Languages
  • The art of listening - Learning to guide conversations by speaking consciously into what you want to achieve.
Module 2
Where Do You Wobble?


Recognize the areas where you struggle to effectively communicate and learn what you can do differently.


  • Exploration and mapping of Attachment Styles 

  • Are you in fight or flight mode?

  • Learning to guide conversations by speaking consciously into what you do want to achieve.

  • Recognizing your Negative assumptions and beliefs about others

Module 3

Respect Honor Kindness Willingness


Learn specific steps that cultivate effective supportive conversations. There are important questions to ask and explorations to have for deeper understanding and improved agreement. Understanding the goal is vital. Determine if this conversation is wise or necessary.


  • What are the 4 questions you need to ask yourself before starting  any important conversation? 
  • What is your Intention?
  • How to make your relationship more important than the topic of the conversation.
  • What are your agreements you make with each other on how you will handle this exploration? 
Module 4

Agreement and Decisions


Creating safety, support, finding commonalities, and compassionately tolerating differences. Pacing and modulation as vital components for clear expression.


  • What are your concerns and fears?
  • What is your Safety protocol?
  • Learn how pacing lets you feel regulated and supported.
  • How do you create space and time outs?
  • How do you enrich understanding and connection?
Module 5
Offering Your Hand 


Okay, you are ready for the meaty challenging stuff! Learn to respect yourself and your partner throughout the conversation. How to be Mindful of fears


  • How to be mindful of both of your fears

  • Learning to trust each other’s needs

  • Getting to the yes together

  • Stepping in and out with clarity, grace, and compassion

 Module 6


Learn from each conversation that you have together and make helpful adjustments to continue growing together. Deepen your intimacy in how you communicate to one another. Make definitive decisions together to best honor and support your relationship.


  • We will do a complete cycle review to reinforce the skills you have learned.
  • We will re-explore the shifts that you have made in thinking, approach, interactions, and your outcomes in communication.
  • We will refine and polish any part that could benefit from more kindness and compassion.  
  • Honor each other in how you have learned to stay true to yourself and each other in your connection and your conversations. Give each other a big hug and a kiss! Let’s celebrate the beauty of your relationship!

When you Enroll in the Program, you’ll get:


Weekly Step-by-Step

You’ll be given access to one module per week as I guide you through the entire program starting September 22nd.


Six Live Sessions

Weekly sessions with Dr. Heather guiding you through each section of the program. We can meet in the office or over Zoom. Call to arrange the best day and time for you.


Q and A

Weekly Zoom Q and A to cover any questions for each section of the program.



Weekly PDF’s with exercises to help you fine tune each section’s material to transform your communication and your relationship.

Backed by a Risk-Free 7 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are not pleased. You will be offered a refund minus a fee of $250.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Enroll in Speaking with the Heart for Couples Program Today

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Still thinking about it?


Let me show you how significantly your connections, your relations, and your career are impacted by learning conscious, compassionate communication.


Who will you be and how will you get to live as you cultivate a higher skill and confidence in communication?


What level of joy and connection is possible


I can’t wait to meet you personally as we walk hand in hand Speaking With the Heart.

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I can’t wait to work with you in Speaking with the Heart for Couples Program

Speaking With the Heart revolutionizes communication. You will realize the absolute power, art, and skill of communication. I will show you how to craft and create a successful conversation embodying respect and wisdom as you overcome the confusion, arguing, and the wasted time you are enduring. You will improve your interactions and your relationships.

This program provides a step-by-step strategy for the entire journey — from understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your judgments, fears, and beliefs, to planning, creating, and altering every single future conversation and relationship that you choose.

Blessings until then!

Enroll in Speaking with the Heart for Couples Program Today

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A One-Time Payment of


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