Giving and Receiving

Jan 25, 2024

Is it easier for you to give or to receive? 


It may sound a little bit silly, but a lot of us struggle with receiving. 

And for many, giving comes with fear.  Let’s explore this a bit. 

One action is almost always easier than the other.  Which one is easier for you?  Is it easier for you to give or to receive?  Do you know why?  Can you recall a memory that shows you the reason for this?  It’s helpful to have it be a memory versus a thought or a concept.  Think back…was there a time when you felt hurt, fearful, or sadness in your experience of giving or of receiving?  What went wrong?  What did you hope for?


Now for a bit of a toughie,

Can you separate the situation from gift giving itself?   They don’t have to be intertwined.  It is common for a tough memory to leave us fearful and with the power to change how we feel about ourself, our gift giver or receiver and not be able to see it as just the situation alone.


This week, see if you can take a little extra moment to focus on letting yourself give and receive more deeply.


In my book, Speaking With the Heart, there’s an entire chapter just on this!


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