100% is easier than 99%

Jun 13, 2024
100% is easier than 99%

Do you think that’s true?  That a 100% is easier than 99%?  I didn’t think so until I heard someone speaking about the challenges of 1%.


Let’s take sugar.  Is it easier to tell yourself you can NEVER have sugar this week or 99% of the time you can not have sugar?


I thought it would be easier to commit to 99%.  Then maybe I can have it once this week. I really enjoy sugar!   But what does that mean?  For me it means each meal I am asking myself:


Are you going to have it now?

Do you want that chocolate?

Or a cookie?

Or a slice of cake?

Should you go to the store and look at all your options so you pick the best?


My mouth is salivating.


If I go out to eat and I read the dessert menu do I question every single type of pie, French apple, lemon meringue, and with ice cream, whip cream or sorbet?


Isn’t it easier to tell yourself:


This week you will have none.  Yep, none.  No discussion, no question.


Each time I am offered, then I simply decline versus trying to convince myself that I don’t really want THAT cookie, but if it was peanut butter?  Or maybe I want rocky road ice cream?  Or a lollipop?

Or See’s or fudge?  Now I am trying to talk myself out of choosing that sugar  now so I can choose something else that’s even more yummy later.


Wouldn’t it be easier to leave no room, and I mean no room  to question, to tease or torment?


For me, I think this is true,

100% is easier than 99%?


What do you think?  Where do you struggle?  Are you wanting an M&M right now?