The True Roots of Black Friday

wisdom Nov 30, 2022

The True Roots of Black Friday


Have you ever wondered how Black Friday first appeared?  It was first used in 1869 when two financial investors, Jay Gould, and Jim Fisk, created a horrific stock market crash by driving up the cost of gold by 20%.


Almost 100 years later it next appeared to refer Army-Navy game in Philadelphia which forced massive law enforcement to handle the huge crowd of tourists.


And finally in the 1980s Black Friday represented the first day of the year when retailers were finally in the black or making positive revenue due to the huge discounts offered on that day.


It now runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.  

This year as Christmas and Chanukah come, will you look back to their true roots, to their true history instead of getting caught up in the crowds, and the deals, the rif raf and all the wrappings?


What are you roots?