How to Massively Change in Only 5 Steps

2023 choices easter growth strength May 25, 2023

How to Massively Change in Only 5 Steps


Deep breath.  I am going to lay it out direct AND with Love.


  1.  Your dream is 100% your responsibility. 


I know you are amazing.  I know you are incredible

AND no one is going to do it for you, come rescue you,

magically make it all work out.  You are responsible for

you.  But here’s the great news…that means no one can

keep you from it…but you.  What is your dream?

Money, fitness, intimacy, order, joy?



  1. Your need to be the one to kick your own butt.


Truly.  It’s easy to be lazy, busy, make excuses.  I know!

I am currently 7 pounds heavier than where so feel

when I am at my best.  And if I want to lose it, guess what?

I have done kickin’ butt to do.  Where are you letting

yourself slide?  What can you do to change that?



  1.  You don’t need permission, but to give yourself action.


The time is now.  What are you willing to do?  What will you

commit to do for you?  The time is now.  Do it anyway.  Let yourself start

so that you CAN finish!  The quicker you start, the sooner you will

be done!  Hallelujah!



  1.  Small changes make big reality shifts.


It’s the one degree example.  A little consistent change.

More water.

Another mile.

Investing $1 a day.

Cleaning one room a night.

Reading one page a day.

Saying I love you each day.

Offering a hug every morning.

There’s movement in every single one of these.



  1.  When you feel awkward, uncomfortable, unique,

you are already growing.


So take a few minutes.

Where do you want to change?

What steps would it take?

What will you start doing right now?


If it’s health…maybe walk, water, weights

If it’s intimacy… hand, hope together, hear,  hug and hold



What will you do to let yourself grow?  I’d love to encourage

or support you in this.  Let me know if a session would help.

Let me know the changes you are making in you!


All my love,


Dr Heather