May 30, 2024

I just heard there are 7 types of rest.




And one of the first facts is that sleep and rest are not the same.

Did you catch that?  Sleep and rest are not the same.  I am a “burn the candle at both ends” kind of gal, so that struck me.  I crash when I go to sleep.  And I will sometimes wake up still tired.  So let’s learn here and let’s explore rest.


We are a high demand society.  And because of this we are also a highly burned out society who are chronically tired and sluggish. And I, for one, need to understand rest.


We need rest in 7 areas:

Doesn’t that sound amazing?  SEVEN types of rest.

You mean there’s something beyond CRASH?


Here they are:


PHYSICAL REST: to restore and replenish: meditation, yoga, walks in nature, listening to music, jacuzzi.  These are things that help improve circulation and flexibility.


MENTAL REST: Take 5-10 minute breaks away from devices and thinking.  Watch fish, feel the wind, take a peek at the sun. Let yourself Reboot!


SENSORY REST: close your eyes and go within.  Let your eyes and ears and fingers have a break from all the focusing they have to do.


CREATIVE REST: take a break to reacquaint you with awe, wonder, beauty, magic.  Let yourself find moments of being  inspired.


EMOTIONAL REST: especially important for empaths.  Give yourself pockets of time to just go within. I know this is something I must do to stay balanced.


FINANCIAL REST: Give yourself a no spending day.  Make things, share things.  Let the pennies sit and feel the difference in how it feels to not spend anything for a while, especially if finances are tight.

And last:



Give yourself time to rest into Spirit, God, be replenished in prayer, devotion, reading, worship, the beauty of life and  why you are here.



Sleep is amazing.  And don;t these others sound great too?

Have you tried a weighted blanket?  I love mine.


Which of these 7 do you regularly give yourself?


Which will you add for yourself?  Please let me know!


Let’s learn to rest in all the seven ways to be fulfilled.


Sweet dreams!