Are You Gentle With the Heart?

choices compassion healing life transitions Jun 27, 2022

This is a really important time.  Our world is becoming more and more divided.  Choices and decisions on our health, life, and future are being decided upon continually.  And in all of this, there still is the place to remember:

                                                         WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

Whether it is in battle, in argument,  debate,  conversation, in opportunity, in learning, or in offering.  It is up to each of us to decide how we view, see, respond, and what we do with this reality in time.  This is part of each of our journeys.  Your journey won't look quite like mine.  I am here for a different part of this exploration in time.  As are you.  We walk our paths a little differently.  No matter how much I might like to, I can never walk in your feet.  And walking in your shoes might show me how you place your feet on this earth, but not how each step feels for you.  And to me, that is precisely

                                                                     WHY WE ARE HERE.

We are to bring part of us to this equation of life.  Currently, we are struggling with the steps, the facts, and the answer.  And instead of sitting together to share our knowledge, we are angrily scratching out each others solutions and beliefs.  If we want to have any resolution with each other, it's not going to come with anger nor with hatred.   

Whether we like it or not...we are all here.  We are part of the process toward healing, learning, growing, adjusting or we are not.  Beating each other up for where we stand resolves nothing.  Sharing, offering, loving in spite of our lack of agreement, awareness, opinion will give us more of a chance.

I pray we each choose to be gentle with the hearts of us.  

Will your heart be important to me?  Well, that is up to me.

So, I ask you, will my heart be important to you?