Darling, I Am In No Hurry

choices compassion healing mindfulness Jul 17, 2022

Yesterday I spent the day celebrating my daughter's 25th birthday.  We went to a favorite oasis: Lotusland in Santa Barbara.  It is one of the 10 most beautiful gardens in the world.  While we were there, we stopped in at their gift shoppe.  It is a delightful store with unique and beautiful treasures.  Sienna and I were indulging and purchasing several items.  There were two people ahead of us in line purchasing succulents.  Almost everyone was chatting and waiting.  It was a slow process.  Maybe the internet connection?  But the transactions were taking a while.  It was our final stop before leaving the Gardens.


There was a gentleman behind us in line who had remained quiet the entire time, probably about ten minutes.  He was purchasing one small item.  I looked over to him and asked,

"Sir, would you like to go before us?"  He responded in a gorgeous English accent,

"Darling, I am in no hurry."  

"How delightful", I shared and stepped up to the counter.


But his words stuck with me.  I don't think I ever say, 

"Darling, I am in no hurry."  I don't call people Darling, either.  But I fell in love with the way he embraces time.  If someone offers me their spot I might say,

"No.  I am fine."  But never "I am in no hurry."  Stating it makes it even more true.  It gives you your time back versus feeling pressured or frustrated with its passing.  The focus isn't what you lose but what you have. 


For the rest of the day my thoughts went to, "I am in no hurry."  Do you often live this way?  I do in nature, or relishing my morning coffee, but not out in public so much, and definitely not in line.  Somehow standing in line makes me more aware of time passing, versus enjoying the experience that is in the wait. 


What if we were to tell ourselves that we are in no hurry?  How much calmer driving would be.  How much more pleasure would we feel with the people around us?  What a beautiful gift it can be to give yourself the embracing on time, your time, filled by peace and calm.