Do You Want a Trick or a Treat?

2023 choices communication Oct 26, 2023



Happy Halloween!  Which do you prefer?  A trick?  Or a treat?

Has it been a crazy week for you?  It feels like there are a lot of ghosts and ghouls doing some havoc in the lives of those I know, possibly preparing us for Halloween?  What do you think that is about?  How do you handle these moments when it seems like things are extra challenging or uber frustrating?


What do you think?  Scream?  Yell?  Howl?  Have you ever tried? Do you let yourself release your anger and frustration?  Or do you swallow it up and tell yourself that it’s not okay to be mad?


Sometimes howling feels good.  To just let it all out.  To release that tension and frustration.  Do you let yourself release?  You might need to let those around you know so they aren’t worried before you do!


You know what I am going to say don’t you?  Let yourself do it and then, give yourself a treat.  Maybe a throat lozenge!  Ha!  When life gets hard it's really important to be extra grateful, extra thankful, extra kind and to take some deep deep breaths and remind yourself that this moment will indeed pass.  And as you do, look to see where others,  or you, come through differently because of this added tension? 


I have  a nugget for you.  There is something here.  There is something to find at this moment.  There will be some unexpected kindness, or knowledge, or a different opportunity.  Tensions happen to help us see or do something other than what we normally would.  They slow us down or botch us up.  Why?  Because there is something else for us now.  Where has life given you this gift coming out from within the tension?  These are sometimes our deepest moments of release and deepest awarenesses of being loved, cared for, and protected.  I like to think of it as the sounds that come out of the violin.  It sounds horrible at first.  The strings whine when rubbed by the bow.  It is a whine that becomes glorious when it is released as it wants to be freed.  Where will you let yourself sing?

So much love!  Oh and please let me give you a treat!  Since candy doesn’t travel well over the internet, why not have a little sizzle this Halloween!  Here’s a gift:


15 Sexy vs. Sleepy Halloween Texts.pdf


Happy Halloween!