Does this HURT or HELP?

2023 anxiety choices communication compassion connection growth mindfulness Jul 27, 2023

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts" – Marcus Aurelius


I love this quote.  And it is vitally true.

Our feelings guide us to evaluate our thoughts.

Thoughts come first, which then becomes a feeling.

But here’s the sticky point.


Thoughts are just thoughts.

They might or might not be true.

They are based upon what you are 


CHOOSING to focus upon.


Okay, here’s the double sticky fact.

Beliefs are simply thoughts you keep listening to.  We can accept or deny a thought.


The reason intrusive thoughts stand out is

because they have a dark or destructive component.

I don’t even notice how many times a day I have the thought





Thinking can be more intentional than you may let yourself



What are the thoughts that you are thinking?


Do they help you or harm you?

Do your thoughts encourage, support, uplift you?

Or do they diminish, criticize, or lessen your confidence



This is a really important distinction.

Refuse to  pursue thoughts that will hurt you.  As much as you can.

Focus instead on how you can help yourself.

Right now, at this moment, how can I take better care of myself?.


Here are some powerful thoughts to take in. and process. 

  •   No one ever wanted to be in a concentration camp. UGH!


  •   No one ever wants pain or crisis. Of course we don’t.


  •   I have choices.  I might not have THE one I want, BUT I DO have choices.


  •   I can overcome this.  I have gotten through everything 

so far and I will get through this.


  •   Today is just a tough day.  I look forward to things getting 

lighter soon.


  • Pop into or get near to some water.  Water is Hugely healing!.

Help yourself choose to support yourself as you move into a different place.