Don't Forget the Fairies!

wonder May 01, 2022

I just had an incredibly amazing moment!  I was interviewed on a podcast about my Mom and how living with her led me to decide to became a therapist.  My Mom was a paranoid schizophrenic who looked in every corner for magic.  She conjured up fun and fairies.  And speaking about her made me wonder.

Do you remember doing that too?  Did you get lost in dazzle?

Do you still seek out magic and wonder?  Or have the years encouraged you to be wise  and responsible?  Do you double tie your shoes?

Can you remember what it felt like?  Long, long ago, did you write treasured letters to Santa?  To crawl into your bed and wait for sleighbells?  To pull off that final string holding your tooth tight, so the tooth fairy would come?  The magic in the sparkle of a dime.  And when did you last daydream?  Do you remember?

I was raised on magic, crickets, and four leaf clovers.  Rubbing rabbit's feet and counting to three, there's no place like home.  There's no place like home. 

There was a lot of crazy in my childhood, but I have never forgotten the fairies.  I see nature in a magical way, shells telling me stories and pictures in the sky.  There is art within the wave just waiting for you to see it.  You do too, don't you?  Or you did once long ago.  You saw the horsehead in the sky.  Shhhh, your secret is safe with me.  It's still there, that horsehead and the magic portal.  I can show you.  You just need a fairy or a mermaid to mark the way, with acorns or cowries.  I have plenty.

Do you miss it?  You do, don't you?  The magic?  The wonder?  The excitement in waiting for when tomorrow comes?   It can be a bit** to get old.  But age is just a page in this coloring book.  Let's rip it out.  Or why don't you put down the gray and grab the turquoise or lavender, grab the bubbles and run chasing off the wind.  You'll hear it laugh and sing.

Oh let's be free.  Let's play and forget tomorrow and forget there's anything called time.  How many grapes  can you stuff in your mouth?  Do you think you/ll stop breathing?  How high can you jump off the stair?  Go!  Jump!  You flew for just an second.  I saw you!  Didn't you?  That's all you need to remember.  They are waiting for you, you know.  Just on the other side of the pillow.  

So quietly, close your eyes.  Just for a minute.  You'll feel the crickets buzzing.  You'll feel the fairy wings right by your ears.  Oh, your stomach somersaulted didn't it?  And you can hear your own heart beat.  It's the drum calling the wizards.  It's getting louder, closer, rat a tat tat,  Rat a tat too.  You heard it, didn't you?  Rat a tat too!

How about you let this tickle you.  I promise you, you'll laugh.  Maybe a like a hyena, or a moonbeam, or like a bowl full of jelly!

just remember this as you wake up.  Hushhhh, they're still here!  Rat a tat rat a tat rat a tat too!