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choices compassion healing mindfulness Aug 07, 2022

This was sent to me by my dear friend, Shannon.  Thank you for this beautiful message!


 Forgiveness is one of the greatest healers there is. It is a deep freedom and release for the person who is doing the forgiving. It is not about condoning behavior of the person being forgiven.


Forgiveness Practice you may wish to say aloud regarding what you let go of during the session:


Apologizing to the souls:

This is also good for forgiving a perpetrator.

“I deeply apologize to you for any harm, neglect or dishonor that I or my ancestors did to you or your ancestors. please forgive me so we may both be free of this burden.”


Forgiving the Soul:

“I now choose to totally and unconditionally forgive you for anything you did to harm me, hurt me, dishonor me or allow me to be harmed. You owe me nothing and are now free to move forward on your soul journey without any obligation to me.”


Forgiving self:

“I now totally and unconditionally forgive myself for any ways I created suffering for myself and others, and any ways (fill in the blank with specific issue(s) to be forgiven). I am a child of God, I am innocent, I am worthy and deserving of living fully and joyfully and I bless myself with abundant love and light now.”


Free yourself ✨💗💗💗✨