Shoot Away! Happy Valentine’s Day!

choices compassion love wisdom Feb 08, 2023

Will You Be My Valentine?


Hello Beautiful One!


It’s almost here!  Are you ready?  Happy happy Valentine’s Day to you!

I hope that you will be surrounded with love and that you will let yourself enjoy a few chocolate hearts, or an gazillion,  and maybe some flowers to share and smell.  Which are your favorites?

Some of us aren’t that great with our practice.  Does Cupid need a little help with his aim?  That poor little Angel has 8 billion people to try and strike this week.  So I bet we can help him out . And let’s help Ok?  What are the things that your partner would enjoy?


The bed made

A date 

A card




A surprise picnic

Breakfast in bed

Tons of cuddles and kisses

A poem written by you


What would touch your partner the most?  You, dear one, have a few days to plan.  So, help Cupid out, and deepen your relationship!  It’s a great day to celebrate!


Do you know the history of Cupid?

He’s been called many names.  The ones we most commonly hear are from the Romans and the Greeks.  The stories of the gods.

The name Cupid means “to desire” in Roman mythology.  Cupid is derived from the Latin word Cupere.  Cupid is the child of Venus,, the goddess of love.  

In Greek mythology, Cupid is known as Eros, the son of Aphrodite.

But what about those like me, where Cupid hasn’t been aiming his arrow?  What will you do to celebrate love?  How will you bring in desire?  It can, and if you choose your aim well, it will be a special day for you too!


What would bless you?


I buy myself flowers and a little bit of See’s and I go down to my favorite beach for a picnic.  I walk the beach and enjoy the beauty and my love affair with the sea.  And I look for heart rocks.  I find at least one every Valentine’s Day.  


This year I will be going to the beach with my daughter.  This will make it extra special.  It can be easy to let Valentine’s Day just slip by when you’re single.  And if you prefer, do so, BUT, if you’d like some love… create it.


Maybe treat yourself to a massage or a beautiful drive to look at the stars, or watch your favorite childhood movie.


Which one is yours?  Mine was The Wizard of Oz. I remember waiting all year for it to be on tv.  The Wizard of Oz was pretty otherworldly too!  So… shoot away and love on you! 

Happy happy Valentine’s my sweet one!