How do you Overcome Objections?

choices communication connection Jul 20, 2023

How do you Overcome objections?  


Think about it?  How do you do this with  yourself  and with others? 


Objections seem to be a big part of our culture. 

"You can’t tell me what to do."


A great friend and coach, Simon Parsons answered,  


 “Well, I don’t ‘overcome’ objections; I ALIGN with the client.”  

I make sure I understand what the real core issue is, ask them the right questions then give them the right solution.   


When he shared this I literally called out, 

“Heck ya!” 


Aligning is to be the same, similar,  or coming alongside another.  That is so much 

more powerful, helpful, supportive, and profound  than just overcoming. 


And isn’t this so much of what is


working in our world?  We are often in situations  where the focus is only to overcome.  Not about 

the other person.

i will change you. 

I will overpower you. 


Not I will stand by you. 


I am not saying that we will always agree on another’s stance. 

We often won’t, be trying to persuade someone by  

force, to try and overcome their ideas and beliefs is 

very destructive.  


In sales you want the “YES.” 

The reluctant purchaser often cancels. 

The friend who says, “Okay, fine, you are  

right.  Happy now?”  Isn’t feeling respected 

and they definitely aren’t respecting you. 


My TedX in September is about this:  

Connection and Compassion. 

I believe our world has a lot that can be  

changed here. 


How about you? 

Do you overcome objections? 

Or do you align beyond the differences so  

that there still can be options and possibilities? 


I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


Dr Heather