I Am Too Big

2023 mindfulness wisdom Apr 27, 2023

I Am Too Big


Has that ever happened to you?  

Have you been told you are too big

too tall

too smart

too loud

too sensitive 

too this

or too that?



I had this happen this week.  I have too much energy.  I am too alive.


Isn’t that an odd thing to say?  Too alive?  I spend my life trying to help others live (not too much this or too little that), but just as they are now, until they decide to change.


What we are really saying is:


I have a hard time being me around you.  I tend to lose me, so you need to change, because then it’s easier for me.  And it’s your fault I don’t feel like me.  


We do this in lots of ways.  You are too emotional.  You think too much.  You are too needy. 

Why do you have to be you?

Be who I wish you were.


We are so egotistical.  Ha!  Look at that?  I just judged us all!  


Are you able to accept you?

Where do you tell yourself you aren’t who you should be?  Where do you beat yourself up?  Would you be willing to put your gloves down and instead, be kind to you?


Let me know where you struggle.


I have two more workshops lined up:


May - How to Worry Less


June - How to Deepen Your Love


And it’s time to come up with the monthly workshops for July - December.


What is a topic that would help you?  What is a workshop you’d like to attend?  Pop me an email and let me know, please?


I send you so much love,