It's All Preference and Tastebuds!

2023 anxiety choices connection mindfulness Jul 13, 2023

Last week I talked about being labeled “too small.”

It makes me think of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

One chair was too big

One chair was too small

And one chair was just right

And that is absolutely true.  Everything is wrong and right. 

Why?  Because everything is based upon OUR  individual perception.  


The beauty of this is it gives us choices.  

The challenge of this is remembering that 

everyone has their own perception too.  And they get to choose

what’s best for them.


When you go to the restaurant and they offer you pepper, some people want absolutely none, some want just a little, and a few, like me, want a ton!


It’s the same with sarcasm, supporting, guiding, loving…everything.

it’s all based upon our individual taste or preference.

The waiter cracks as much pepper as you’d like with a smile.


What if YOU were the one to evaluate you versus being primarily focused on others?


Where are you too concerned about another’s label or perception of you?  How does that shape you or change you?

Can you lessen that?


I have had some amazing news!  

Drum roll please!

I sent out 19 queries to publishers for my book.

I have received 1 rejection.

Most won’t respond unless interested, so there’s gonna be crickets.  

And I have had a ton of Zoom calls to connect, brainstorm, and explore.  Several publishers are really excited to work with me right now!  I even have a few contracts to review and see which one feels “just right”.


Can you believe it?  It is happening right now!  I am so excited to share my beautiful book with you!  I hope it will tantalize you!

Oh, and pass the pepper while you are at it, will you?

Thank you!


Let me know how I can help you hold on to the true you!


Sending so much love!


Dr Heather