Let There Be Room

Jan 18, 2024

Do you let there be room for you? 


That was the message that kept coming up for me this morning, for myself but also for you as well. Do you let there be room for you to create spaces and opportunities for the things that are really important to you?  That might be meditation, it might be a walk, or  playing with your dog, it might mean time listening to music, or to sit silently in prayer.  It might be meeting with your coach or with a therapist, or having a long  talk with a friend. 


Do you let there be room to allow your life to have spaces where you take care of you?  I know we all have times where life is really out of balance and we're overwhelmed.  And sometimes there's too much on our plate.  Especially n those times, it's important to check and see that you’re making room for you and to be sure that you are taking care of you. Are you doing a lot of the things that lift you up and sustain you and allow you to flow?


So you just started 2024 and it’s a really good time to ask yourself, “How much of what I am doing stays?   I am going to give myself time and I am focusing on truly loving me and my life and being grateful for all that I have taken care of, all that I have,  and I am preparing for whatever today's gonna bring in preparation for tomorrow. 


Do let there be room and space for the things that are really important for your wellbeing and your health, for your spirit, for your finances, for your relationships, and for balance. It's so easy for us to get out of whack. It's so easy for us to put a lot of extra time into work or into trying to resolve situations and the challenges that we have.  Sometimes in this process, other things that are also really important drift by the wayside or fall.  It can feel like we are walking a tightrope at times.


Balance is such an important part of life. And yet it changes day by day and moment by moment. And balance is something we all need to continually assess.  We can come up with a structured plan of what works and we can follow it and sometimes it's the very best thing to do. But sometimes it's important to stop and say, “Am I making and letting there be space and room for me?  Are the things that I am doing serving me or are the things that I'm doing blessing me and also others? Is there something that is more important for me to be doing right now?   It could be to stop and breathe, settle into your body and be grateful for what you have.  It might be to be thankful for all that you have. Or maybe you have been so busy packing away the Holidays, getting back into school and work, you might get a moment if glee in going outside and noticing the bird flying by just in this moment, and allow that sweet bird to take you on his flight of an awareness of joy, tenderness, and happiness. It might be giving or getting that extra smile, or hugging your child, your partner, or your furry pet.  


How would it feel at the end of the day, to say,  “I'm pleased with how I lived today. I'm pleased by what I said today. I am pleased with the choices that I made today.  I did, saw, said, and accomplished well today. I am pleased for who I am, for how I am, for who I loved,  and how I loved.  Today I am pleased with me!”


Wouldn’t that feel amazing?  Would you be willing and able to say that to yourself tonight?  Oh please let it be so!  Will you send me an email and let me know how wonderful it feels?