Life Within Us

May 09, 2024


As we get older and life goes on, it seems that there are more and more ways that we decide or come to find that we are different.  But as we enter Mother’s Day, there is an important universal truth for us to realize. 

We all have mother’s.  And it was planned, and decided, that within the woman, within our mother, was the safest and most sacred place for us to begin.


Not all of us stayed with our mothers.  And not all of our mothers were able to stay safe for us, but when we were started, there was some protection.  And within your mother’s body, you were embraced and held.  God gave that role, only to the female.  That every child would come from within.


Think about that.  We come from within.  Life within life. 


I hope as you celebrate Mother’s Day that you recognize the women in your life who have helped shaped you, the light and the dark.  It might be your mother, grandmother. Sister, aunt, neighbor, friend.  Who has mothered you?  And who do you mother?  Are you blessed with children?  For me, being a mother has been my greatest gift and my most amazing journey.  I still have lots to learn.


Do you mother you?  It might sound silly, but we are to do so.


To nurture

Care for



Pray over

Wish over

And kiss our boo boos.


Do you mother you?  If you need any help with this, reach out to me.  I have had to mother myself for 43 years.  It’s wild my mom has been gone so long.


Mother’s Day can be a hard holiday.  There might be lots of celebrating and there might be tears as well.  You are not alone.  So for those of us who are motherless.  For those of us, who have lost a child, I send you all my love and a big big hug.  If you need anything more, reach out.  We live the beauty of mothering when in is


Life within life

And love within life as well!


Bless you!