Make this the Valentine’s that Changes Your Love

Feb 11, 2024

Did you know that there are 2 simple questions that can transform your relationship?  Really!

And if you offer these daily, each day you and your partner, your parents, your friend, your child will know that you have offered them love and alo the space for healing and growth. So what are they?


Here you go:

About an hour or so before you go to bed tonight, ask your partner, your child, your friend:


  1.  Is there any place that I missed today?  Did I miss you or did I miss something that is important to you?  You are really important to me and I want to be sure I am showing up well.


And listen.  Really listen to hear.  They might have a moment or a conversation to share,  Anything they share is to bring you closer.  Hearing it with these ears allows you to care and come through.  It’s not  a time to justify or explain.  It’s a time to show up, care and connect right now.  You are helping remove a hurt.  Take that in because it’s big.


Thank them for being open and helping you love them more deeply.


And then ask:   

  1.  Where did you feel the most loved by me?  The most seen?  The most cared for?


And listen.  Take it in.  Now they are sharing their heart with you.  They are letting you know how they receive your love deeply, at least today.


Thank them.  Ask them if they’d like to receive love even more deeply right now.


Most times this will turn into a joint gift where you both share both ways.  Even if it doesn’t become a joint share, know that you are offering to love more, more deeply, and more completely than you had on each day.  You are changing something that was, for you, an unknown hurt.  You are fixing an unknown problem.  You are erasing a potential resentment.  Wow!  That is huge.  Isn’t that beautiful? 


Doing this daily is a powerful way to know you are actively intentional and supportive.  Neither of you can say that a day goes by here on out  without you offering love and healing.  This is a sacred and beautiful truth.  I hope you start today.  With your partner, your parents, your child. 


Please let me know and how it transforms you!


There’s still time to grasp unique compassionate nuggets like these for your Valentine's gift.  My book is chock full of ways to touch your hearts.  Pick up a copy and change your love, today.



Speaking with the Heart Book



Speaking with the Heart Book