Maryโ€™s Birthing Pains

compassion healing life transitions spirituality strength Dec 14, 2022

Here is a poem I wrote.  It won a poetry award in 2013.  I also read it at Living Spring Church the Christmas Eve before my husband passed.  I pray it touches you!


Mary’s Birthing Pains

There is pain in your birth, dear Lord,

tugging me deep within.

Each contraction gripping me, my heart, my mind.

Be with me here.


I want to hold you in

and keep you safely mine,

my child.

There is no safety for you

 in this world.

No matter how I pray.


You gave me you

to have and to hold within

solely my womb, protecting you

as only a mother can, as only this mother will.


At conception, no

one wanted you, but me.

You are mine, and I am yours.


During pregnancy, no

one wanted you, but me.

You have grown within me my son.

We have been one.

Your blood – mine

My breath – yours


I saved you from the world

and now the world

you come to save.


These pains swell and grow

this surging wave of birth rolling strong.

You needed me God,

now I need only



In these last moments, I welcome this pain

reminding me I have held you.

I have carried you.

I feel your need to be born, my blessed child.

Your pain is great.

Help me God.

Prepare me for the hurt I will feel this lifetime for you.

I feel it now.


There is no room for you in this world, my son.

Not even in me.

My body betrays my heart

wanting to release you.


I will welcome you.

I will welcome you with a mother’s kiss.