My Christmas Tree Crashed Down on My Head!

Dec 21, 2023

Truly.  An hour after trimming it.  I was sitting on the floor, in front of the fire, enjoying the beauty, wrapping gifts when


Broken glass and water everywhere.  I lost a lot.  I beheaded one of Mac and Sienna.  But Superglue does wonders.  I let the emotions run free as I didn’t want to get stuck in anger, sadness, blame, loneliness.  Has this ever happened to you?  Is a tree crashing a common thing?


I lost some precious ones. I lost some beauties.  And that was all.  I cleaned up the mess, propped the tree in a corner and hired a handyman to help it to stay solidly upright, and though a bit smooshed, it’s still a great tree.


I  sat with this.  We all try hard.  We all do as much as we are able to do.  And we all need help.  Sometimes we mess up.  Sometimes we aren’t secure.  And things can crash. And what happens after the cleanup?


We see newness







Isn’t that what this season is about?  Experiencing joy and hope like a child?

My kids would have laughed if they’d been with me.  Finding joy.  Even in those places where things go wrong.


So much was going wrong for our ancestors in this holy season, yet they believed, hoped, walked in faith, and carried on.  They let their light shine.  They let there be new life.


I hope you know you are such a huge part of my light.  I am so grateful for you being here together with me.  It feels so good to be among friends and encouragers.  So this Holiday, I come unwrapped.  And I hope you do too.


Just as we are.

With our truths revealed.


You are a beautiful person.

And I am honored to know you.

I hope you have an amazing time with friends and family.  And know, whether a tree falls, or a turkey burns, or you buy the wrong socks, it’s the heart that’s important.  Your love is important.  And I am so grateful you share yours with me.