National Cotton Candy Day AND Pearl Harbor

life transitions strength Dec 07, 2022

National Cotton Candy Day AND Pearl Harbor


Wait, what?  Did I read that right?  Yes folks, you sure did!  Today is officially the very first National Cotton Candy Day!  Someone thought that super sweet airy fairy wiped up sugar country fair concoction should have its very own holiday.  Well why not?  We have donut days and ice cream days, so why not cotton Candy too?  


Oh, but wait, it’s also Pearl Harbor Day.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some cotton Candy, but is it only me who finds this just a tad oddly bizarre that this bright pink bomb of exploding melting sugar crystals would celebrate its first official holiday on THE day that bombs were dropped on Pearl Harbor and great gusts of nuclear wind gusts puffed up into the world’s skies?  I also find it a little sickening in my tummy to commiserate with death and destruction and then happily on the flip slide just a few sticky fingers and lips.

They both create huge puffs.  One of delight and one of doom.  One killing lives and one killing your appetite for dinner,  This is such an odd combination.  But then maybe I am being un fair.  Ha ha!  They are both pivotal moments that draw us into a new experience.  One, entered us into World War 2 and the other one enters us into the mayhem of the County or maybe the World Fair.

Am I being un fair?  Or is this just a little too saccharine sweet?  

What do you think?