Negative Emotions

choices compassion healing Jul 03, 2022

 Let’s start with a radical change!  The world tells you there are positive and negative emotions.  Wait a second.  Lets start right here!  Seriously?  I am already judging the negative as wrong.  I don’t want to go there and I don’t even know what emotion you are talking about!  


But what makes it “negative”?  Who decides that?  That makes it sound like it is something to avoid at all costs.  And you better think so too!


How about we call it a hard emotion?   It’s hard because there is something going on that our body and mind want us to be   aware of and change.  Something isn’t working well.  But we don’t always know that until we feel it.  So we need to feel it. The point of the hardness or the emotion is not to be negative, the point of it is to help us see that we are to grow and change.


Growth hurts.  That’s not negative.  That’s not bad.  It’s simply a truth.  That’s why there are growing pains.  They don’t  feel good.  But our body needs to stretch beyond its size.  And that stretch and growth hurts. 


Growing and building muscle hurts.  That doesn’t mean that it is bad.  It means you are pushing yourself further than you have been or further than your body can accept without a little struggle or pain.  


Is struggle always negative or bad?  It depends on how you look at it.  If you are drowning and you keep struggling to keep your head above water so you can breathe until you are saved, then your struggle was a good thing.  It was a great thing!  You could even say there was a lot of pain and struggle in making it through.  Near drowning would be considered hugely negative, but saving your life, was not.  


Everything depends upon how you look at it.  But if we are going to water down painful or hard emotions and say we just need to think positively, then we are missing the growth that we are to have. And if we don’t change our thoughts or experiences, then they will repeat themselves again and again.  Challenge, negativity, and resistance are all there to help us see we can be different, not just think differently.


So, warriors, look to the hard, the negative, the tough and from these emotions, learn. The battle needs to be won.  And you only win by fighting it through.