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Tonight I will be leading the Zoom Workshop in 


HOW TO RECOVER AFTER A VERBAL THOUGHT and I thought that this makes the perfect time to talk about our shadow self.  We certainly see it in ourselves s d in others when we verbally battle.


Parts of us are easy to love. And other parts, not easy at all.  That’s the same for everyone else too. 

What is our Shadow Self?  It’s the darker parts of us that we are ashamed or embarrassed by that we try and hide.  Anything hidden, does not receive light nor attention.   And therefore, these darker parts of us, need even more attention and love.  

Integration means allowing all the aspects or parts of us to be accepted.

One beautiful way to embrace your Shadow side is to explore it and get to know the fear you have about this.  It can help you embrace your Shadow by writing your Shadow side a love letter.


Dear Shadow,

You are the parts of me that I hide.  You are the parts of me that I have kept secret from myself.


Thank you for guiding me to look within and learn from you.  I want to get to know how to help you heal from your hurts and fears.   I know I see in in blame, jealousy, self betrayal, hatred, and lying.  I want to learn how to help you stay in the light without a desire to lie or hide.


You will be one of my greatest teachers. Integrating you will help us both grow. 


Thank you for redirecting me back to you, my deepest places of justification and betrayal.  

Thank you for helping me understand so much more about you, me, and being human.  




Exercises and prompts to help you explore your Shadow self.



Label your emotional experiences.

If you're feeling sad, ask yourself: What kind of sadness am I feeling?  Be as descriptive as you can:

lonely, exhausted, depleted?



Think about someone or something who triggers you.

Explore what it was about this person that really irritated you.  Realize that the trait is something you don’t like within.




Enjoy exploring and learning about you!