Superhero Cape Needed!

choices healing strength Jun 12, 2022

Empowerment or Victimization?

Our world is choosing poorly.  Our world is choosing to give away power.  And as a therapist, I'm wrestling with the fact that so many people are saying that they're traumatized and they're victimized.  Everything that I do in therapy is for the opposite of that. It's to empower folks and to help they see that they can give themselves their strength and power.  My work is to take them beyond what has happened to them or what they've had to endure, and we look at how they have come through.

So I'm just going to urge you, because it's everywhere right now, so many people are  saying that they're traumatized.  They’re saying they're victimized.  I’m not saying horrible things. don't happen in this world.  Horrible things do happen.  Absolutely. But when you call yourself a victim, when you say you've been traumatized, you keep yourself in the midst of the injury. But you’re here!  You've gotten beyond the crisis.  Now, it might be causing all sorts of problems with PTSD or all sorts of problems with integration in life, and that's something you're going to have to keep working on. And I'm sorry for this, because that's really  tough. BUT this is a place to really let yourself know that you are ever beyond and you have survived. You came through it and now what you're doing is healing the wounds of the aftermath. You're not in the midst of the carnage and the wreckage.   My heart feels deeply that it's important for you to recognize this.

Empower yourself. Help your felt self find your strength. Find that courage, find that resiliency, find that tenacity that got you through because all of that power is yours. That's NOT from the abuse. That's NOT from the trauma. That's from YOUR gut. That's from your soul. That's from your character. That's from your inner strength. Hold on to that!  It's the most beautiful thing you have!  It’s your ability to be you and to not LOSE you, no matter what circumstance you're going through!  You are doing it!  And I am so proud of you.  Can you take that in?  Can you say, hallelujah I am a survivor!  I am an over comer!  I am so dang proud of me and who I have become.  I didn’t let this take me down!

And in time you will see THIS is your true strength!

What color is your cape?

Empower yourself beautiful ones!  This is your life!