Thankful For the Healing

choices compassion healing Nov 30, 2022

Thankful For the Healing


Every injury, every hurt, can be a place for healing.  Or it can stay sore.  You are responsible for your choice and your healing.  You are the author, the actor, and the director.  And isn't that beautiful? 

No one else can heal you.  But another can create a safe container, a sacred stage, and a corner of comfort to hold you.  And if you are willing to receive, in that place of safety, you can let yourself reboot.  This moment can then be a new experience of healing.  And when you give yourself this, when you let yourself reboot.  You will no longer living within that old paradigm of hurt, but you will transcend into the present.  You won't be tied down to the past.  It's like ripping off the band-ad to let the skin heal, to let the sun darken the skin and the scar so that they blend in.  This moment can be a place to heal.  

What do you need?  Just an open heart.  A desire to feel other than what you have known and the courage to let yourself move, right here into this moment.

I did an entire podcast on this extraordinary kind of healing.  It is when a relationship becomes sacred and blessed.  And isn't that why we are here?  To be grateful for our experience, to love on one another, and try to help others in unburdening themselves.   Some would say that we are here to help one another carry their cross.

What is the cross that you bear? 

Where do you need safety?

Where are the places that you need to heal?  Will you let yourself?  Let me share with you how this can happen in an extraordinary way.

I know you will be blessed! 

Please let me know how you give yourself that gift of being thankful for the healing.

It will give you so much to be thankful for this year!