The Urgency of Time

2023 anxiety communication mindfulness Jun 22, 2023

The Urgency of Time


“Do not allow yourself to be full of hate, princess. 


Hate is a heavy thing. It weighs us down, chaining us in a dark place. 


You focus on your love. 


If you want to be free of this heavy darkness you feel, focus on your love. 


Love is a chariot with a skeleton key to the chains which hate can wrap around you. To love is to be free.” 


― H.D. Gordon, Shooting Stars


"It's about time!"

Oh? Under which set of directives? Who gets to call it? And why? 


Our most precious commodity is time.  That and our health.  So, time is crucial.  And how we use or misuse our time becomes our life.




Waste fully


It’s up to you.  Until it isn’t.  At some point, our time is up.


I sat with a client on one of her last days and she said all she wished was that she knew when.  I challenged her abd said I thought she actually didn’t want to know.  Because if she did, each day would be a countdown. 


3 more



And now it’s minutes.

If we knew that, how would our lives be different? 

Would we love more? 

Learn more? 

Work more? 

What meaning would life have if we could count the minutes remaining in our existence?


Yet that is pretty much exactly what happens each day when we wake up. There are 1,440 minutes in each day.  Of those 1, 440 minutes,  we will be awake and doing something for about 1,020 of them.  We will fill about 71% of these precious minutes. 


We have one thousand awake minutes every day! How much is each one minute worth? 


Once the click ticks, that minute is never coming back.


So how will you use the rest of your 1,000 today?



And how will you bless yourself with every minute of tomorrow?


I’d love to hear!


Dr Heather