There’s No Problem Here

choices life transitions mindfulness wisdom Feb 01, 2023

There’s no problem here.

None at all.

I know, your head is reeling.  But hear me out!

A problem requires a story, a beginning, a middle, and an end.  A problem requires a history.  Either a before or a soon to be future.  There is only a problem if you have a frame of reference with which to critic this moment.


BUT…if you choose to live in this moment, if right now is what it is to be, then there isn’t a problem, there’s just now.  And you can deal with now.

Alright, I know there are things that you want or need to change.  But by not viewing it as a problem, it can be viewed with more possibility and energetic involvement instead of slipping into comparison, judgment, and expectations.


What if you let yourself be here just as you are and your focus remained actively here?  How much more time would you have?

How much more productive would you feel?

I wonder how much more creativity you would find to resolve issues?

And wouldn’t today feel better?


We place so energy into assumptions and expectations.  What about just being here now and doing the best we can and learning sbd growing in this?


How good are you at being here now?

How good are you at being present?

At handling what is versus what we think it “should” be or wish it could be?


Today, see how many times you catch yourself falling into the problem thought place versus the solution.  They are very different.  A problem and a solution are very different as well.  I’d love to hear how you do and what you realize!