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Things We Need to Hear

choices compassion mindfulness Aug 14, 2022

I asked 50 people what they needed to hear.  Here are the answers starting with the most commonly desired.


I am worthy.  Isn’t it bizarre that we would think anything other?  We are all just people who popped out into this world.  And yet, we often do the see ourselves as worthy.


I am good enough.  I used to struggle with this one.  It shows how harsh and critical we are to ourselves and to others.


I am not a failure.  This one hurt my heart.  That we judge who are based based solely on what we have done.  Our society has done changing to do here.


That it’s okay for me to desire.  Yikes!  Truly!  In this works full of beauty and pleasure, how hard it must be to not think you can desire.


The other shoe might not drop.  Or it might, but maybe it falls in a cockroach!  Bad things don’t always lurk around the corner waiting.


I like me.  Oh hallelujah!  I hope so!  What is there not to like?


Life  can be good, fun, and an incredibly growing experience.  Jump on for the ride and buckle up!   So…what about.,,


you are beautiful