May 16, 2024

How often do you hear someone labeled as toxic?  Our world has chosen to cling to that description of behavior.  What I find fascinating is that it is often used when someone simply refuses to think as we do: they might be challenging,


or problematic.  But that is a far cry from toxic. 


Toxic means it is deadly or permanently or severely destructive.


In Buddhism, any place of pain is seen as a cry for love.  The cancer, the injury, the boil are wanting to be recognized, heard, and loved.  There is an exercise where cancer patients journal with their cancer.  Asking why it’s here, what it is  teaching them.  The cancer isn’t trying to cause harm.  It just wants to exist.   Living with becomes the focus.   In this view, someone who appears toxic, needs love.  They need to be heard and recognized.


Hate never lessens hate.

Only love does that.


If we choose to embrace this, we have an amazing amount of power to help those struggling, hurting, including ourselves.  We all need love. And if we choose, we all can offer ours.

And isn’t that why we are here? To help others in their lives in ways they aren’t yet able to do so on their own?

What is it you need to say?  Am I willing to be here, present, listening to you and your beautiful beliefs, recognizing that we are different?

What is it you are wanting?  Will I care about your needs and try to help you?


Is there room for both of us here?


Trees and flowers learn to share space without destroying the other.   Yes, I will impact you, but do I need to destroy you or hate you?


I hope not.  I saw an amazing adaptation of this in my yard.  Look at how miraculously these flowers grew through each other.


Isn’t this a beautiful image for all of us?


How may I support you in your growth?


All my love!