We all need hugs

May 02, 2024


We all need hugs?

Don’t you?

Do you get enough of them?

I don’t.


But I got two beautiful ones this week!

Look at this wonderful testimonial on my book!


Dr. Heather Browne's Interesting Career


And the second…

Do you know about Leo Buscaglia?  He’s an amazing author who wrote




He actually taught a college class on love.

How to love.

Why to love.

The healing of love.


If he were alive it would be his 100th year.  There is a documentary that is being filmed to honor this glorious man. 


The book LOVE is the first self help book I ever read.  I picked it up right after my Mom died.  I knew I needed to learn how to love so much more than I knew how.


I was interviewed this week for the documentary.  I had reached out to the Leo Buscaglia Organization to see if they might like to read my book Speaking With the Heart because Leo would have loved it. Someone saw my post and the Leo hashtag and reached out.  I don’t know if I Will be chosen, but the letter I received from the producer was the greatest hug.



“Dear Dr. Browne,

We did absolutely love what you had to share as well as your enthusiasm in sharing it! Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in both interviews yesterday. I know that Karolyn and Chris were also delighted to meet you and enjoyed immensely your conversations.

We will be in touch soon with podcast updates as well as filming details for the documentary!

Thanks so much again and blessings to you too!”


If you haven’t listened to Leo, pull up a recording on YouTube.  You will feel loved!


I send you each a big hug!