What Do You Do When It Gets Hard?

choices wisdom Sep 11, 2022

What are the thoughts that run through your head?  

We tend to fall into a regular pattern.

Are you a doubter?  And find you get discouraged or frustrated and then second guess you?

Are you a blamer?  And you find fault with another for why things are going wrong?

Are you fearful?  And you think that everything is going to fall a part?

Are you a challenger?  And you come back fighting either for yourself or against the situation?

Are you a self encourager?  And you know it'll work out and you just need to keep plugging until you get there?

Are you logical?  And know there's solution that you are to find?

Are you a trustor?  And continue just like before?

It might depend upon the issue.  Though most of the time, we tend to have way that stands out bigger or louder than the rest.  Ask yourself if this works well for you.  If it does, congratulations and keep going with that decision!!

But if it doesn't serve you well, what will you do next time, instead?  Decide upon your new choice of action now.  Which one allows you the outcome  you want more effectively?  Make that decision now.    It's much easier to make a change when you know precisely what you are going to do differently next time!

Whether it be in mind frame, action, or words.  Know what you want and cultivate that now.