What If The Next Three Minutes Changes Everything?

choices mindfulness Feb 03, 2022
It will, actually.  Your life is now altered, simply by reading my words.  
Wait?  What are you saying?  
I know. I know, I sound hugely egotistical.  But stick with me for a bit.  The life that you would have had if you weren't reading this blog right now, is no longer.  You and I have changed your trajectory in time.  So whatever you would have been doing or whomever you would have been speaking to, you won't get that back.  Isn't that crazy?  I guess I am a thief of sorts. I have stolen your time.  And my simple little blog has changed everything.  
Dear God, what if I also said something that is really important?  What if you take this thought and my words and share them around?  Now, you don't have to.  You can shortly go back to whatever you were doing and act like this was unimportant.  But I've already taken this time.  And no one else ever gets to share it.
Yikes.  It's a lot,  I know,  So, take a deep breath.  Oh, I just took some more time.
Isn't it bizarre to think that we are creating a new reality right now?  And that our choices, as little as three minutes reading this blog, has veered  what was?  Dang! You didn't know that I was so hugely  important, did you?  Ha!  
And so are you.  And so is every encounter that you have.  So, of course, I am going to urge you to make the most of your moments, and to fill them with joy, wonder, adventure, connection, and love.  But let's strip away all that you do and recognize the incomprehensible power of time and the space that it holds right now.  You and me here, together.
So, I promise, you.  I will try and nudge you to think, to feel, and to make each day somehow new and wonderful.  And my dear friend, I thank you.  That you have willingly given me this wonderful gift, of precious time and the power that it holds to change your future forever.
So, what will you do?  Or what will you say now that our three minutes are actually through?
With Love,
Dr. Heather