What if we had Kindsight?

Mar 21, 2024

We often say that we would do things differently once we've been blessed with hindsight.  And of course we would!   With hindsight we can see the actual outcome.  But when we make choices in life, we do the best we can with what we DO know.  And that also includes what we DON'T know.  

But how many times do we actually make right decisions?  I bet it is the majority of times, if we could truly evaluate a whole day honestly.  How little actually goes wrong?  How amazing we are in doing so much right!  Think about it.  If we were really a huge mess-up, that would be our normal, or expectation, and so we would accept it.  Finding mistakes proves to us we really do a ton well.  AND its in the mistakes that we learn.  A mistake is simply a reminder that we can do it better, differently, it is to help us grow.

So why do we beat ourselves up when we do something wrong?   And why would we ever believe we SHOULD do everything right?  If that was the case there'd be nothing to learn.  There'd be nothing better than us.  YUCK!

Can you imagine a world where you do everything right?  I think we would get so bored.  I think, as humans, we actually like challenge at times.  We like learning, growing, improving.  I think we like learning.  We like creating.  I don't know anyone treasures stagnation.

Plus is we were perfect, we wouldn't need anyone else.  So what would the purpose of life be?  AND there is no such thing as perfection.  Everything is based upon our belief and preference. We we don't think, feel, or taste the same, so you can't tell me what I think is best., only what you think.

What if, instead of beating ourselves up we said,

"Oh fantastic!  Here's a place I can be even better!  Thank you for helping me see I can be even more amazing here!  I want to learn from you!"

What if we decided learning is a place of miracles and support and knowledge?  What if we chose to LOVE the process and milked everything out of it that we could get?

Everything is a choice. 

Do I choose to seek the positive or the negative?  The light or the dark?  To help myself or hinder myself?  AND if I choose to help myself, how much of a better parent, teacher, employee friend can I be for you?  You won't have to be worried about judgment or ridicule or being diminished.  You could relish with me in how we create and grow together.  And isn't that why we are all here?  What if we embraced that life and learning is an amazing gift and you can teach me and I can teach you and we can also teach ourselves.  I think learning would be so much more fun and creative.  I think we'd take more risks as we wouldn't be so afraid.  I don't think we'd be so caught up in other people's opinions.  I don't think we would hate so much.  Or maybe at all.  I think life would be so much more fun and light and delightful.  And I think we would explode in our ability to learn and grow.


What if we respected?


What if we were kind-sighted?