What Is Your Body Screaming?

2023 anxiety communication connection Oct 05, 2023



That's right...you heard me.  So, now that I’ve got your attention…

What's the MESSAGE that is so important that is coming from your BODY?


Is there pain?



Did you know that your body wants to be healthy, calm, and at ease?  It truly does.  But it sure doesn't feel that way when anxiety, pain, or illness appear.  But all of these symptoms are here in your body simply trying to help you listen.


Uh, what?  How the heck is that, you ask?

Well, let's go explore!   


ANXIETY:  Who has anxiety?  We all do.  Your body is telling you that something isn't right and it needs your attention.  Either your body doesn't feel safe, supported, or YOU are giving it a mixed message.  Your body creates anxiety to keep you from going any further.  It literally stops you in your tracks so that you change SOMETHING.  And it is largely affected by your thought process.  You are focused on some thought or belief that is problematic for your mind and your body.  And your body knows it can't give you what you are wanting so, it creates anxiety to let you see you have a mixed up message.  I did a YouTube on this.  It's really wild and important!  And a brand new insight for me!


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PAIN: Your body is screaming either DON'T MOVE or MOVE!!!  It's imperative to know which one it is and to try to support your body as much as possible.  No one wants to be in pain, so when you realize your body is asking you to help it so that it can move more easily, it brings you into a kinder, more loving, energetic state within yourself.  If you think about your body as if it has emotions, its' not wanting you to hurt, but it needs to get your attention and it wants your help now.  It worked didn’t it?  It got your attention!


ILLNESS:  Your body is saying you that it needs you to slow down and focus within.  Your body is not able to integrate something really important right now.  This illness or dis-ease has appeared so you will slow down, rest, be quiet, and learn.  There was something you were doing in your prior state of health that you are not cultivating.  You have left something out.  What is it?  Rest?  Play?  Water?  Your body is trying to tell you. The illness is simply to slow you down and make you think.  If you take some time here,  versus ignoring it, your body will help you integrate more.  

It's important to realize your body wants to work with you.  Ask it how you can support it versus disregarding our diminishing it's experience.  It's a wealth of knowledge waiting for you to open up and listen.


Listen to your body.  It has a really important Message for you in that beautiful BODY of yours!  Listen.