What To Be More Lucky in 2023?

2023 choices mindfulness spirituality wisdom wonder Mar 16, 2023

Want to be more lucky in 2023?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Are you lucky?  Hmmm?

How LUCKY do YOU think you are?  

Use the arch of that magical rainbow to decide.  

On a scale if 1-10, is your pot on the left side, completely empty, frustrated, waiting for someone else to fill you,  but doubting?  Or are you somewhere over that rainbow overflowing with gold, luck, and love?

Do you have any idea what is the biggest factor in predicting luck?  Nope, it’s not luck itself, ha!  It’s belief.  Belief that you will find that clover with the fourth leaf.


If you believe you’re lucky, you believe that everything will work out.  You will look for how things WILL fall into place.  You are open to see new opportunities and lots of possibilities.  You are active and not passive.  


When you believe in luck, you think that things DO GO in your favor.  And when you view things this way, you look to MAKE things work.  You are a possibility thinker.  And being so, you won’t fall very easily into doubt or fear.  You will be LOOKING for opportunities and possibilities bigger than you to help you succeed!  You believe events and encounters will work out in your favor. You believe that life is with you and that  life is for you.  


Law of Attraction is the belief that you create the life that you live based upon the vibration of how you feel and this determines what you attract.  Negativity and doubt attract the same.  Luck and abundance, attract the same.  “Where your heart is, there your treasure is also!”


So, what do you believe?  See any rainbows lately?