May 23, 2024

Why me?


Instead of why NOT me?


Yikes!  Does that distinction come out of that place where we feel victimized or that we should somehow not suffer?  No one wants to.  No one wants cancer, or to lose a limb, or a dog.  We want our life to be easy. But let's think about this a little bit differently.  When we say, “why me?” 

We’re not focusing on what is actually happening.  We are focusing on ourselves.  Instead of:

Why this? 

Why an accident?

Why cancer?

Why rejection?


We’re upset that we will struggle, that we are screwed over in our mind.   Our focus is


Why do I have to go through this?


And by saying, “why me?”, we are kind of inferring that it would be okay for it to be somebody else.  Or at least us.  When I say that out loud, that sounds really ugly. I don't wish ill will on anyone.


I heard of a gentleman who had been in a horrible accident, and he said “why not me?”

Why not me? Wow! 

My brain doesn't think this way.

Yet. My brain doesn't think that anything that can come my way IS to come my way and for me to willingly receive it.


I know this is the truth in Word, but in action, I don't come through.  I whine.  I cry.  I complain.  I want pity.

I don't know how much that man rustled in this, but I didn’t hear it.  When I heard him say, “Why not me? “ A really beautiful reality in the way he views humanity opened up for me.  He is equal to all others AND he wishes better for them.


He wishes better for others.  He has a really beautiful way in how he views life, a really beautiful way that he believes in Spirit, and he touched my soul.

Why not me?

Why not?

Do you struggle here?


I wish for you not to suffer.

Massive hugs and humbleness!


All my love!