Will You Be My Valentine?

Feb 08, 2024



Happy happy almost Valentine’s Day to you!

I am so excited to share a beautiful event that I am part of creating around love, wine and Valentine’s!


Why is going wine tasting a great choice for your relationship at Valentine’s?

Because you want to share a special celebration together?

Because you want to let your partner know they are special?

Because you love great wine in a beautiful setting?

Because you enjoy the fun, the ambiance, and the atmosphere?

Because wine tasting is a lot like being in a relationship? It is!
Presentation is important.
As is personal choice.
Exploration and new experiences add to attraction and pleasure.
Complexity can be wonderful when given proper time and attention.
And in between, we need to breathe.

There’s a lot that wine tasting can teach us about being in a great relationship.  And what better way to learn this than from a relationship expert?  Dr. Heather Browne has been a couple’s therapist for 27 years, she’s a TedX speaker on connection and compassion, and the author of the book just out, Speaking with the Heart.


She will be joining us on Sunday February 11th, 12-5pm.
At 12pm she’ll be sharing 5 ways to deepen your intimacy and love.  And then, she’ll spend some time answering any questions that you might like to explore.

And then at 3, she will be walking us through some fun playful intimacy exercises to help bring that warm yummy feeling from all that delicious Grant James’ finest bouquet, to your relationship as well! 


Here is the link for all the information!



Please let me know if you have any questions!  I’d love to see you there!!


So what will you do on Valentine’s Day?  Maybe enjoy a few chocolate hearts, some flowers to share and smell, lots of hugs?


What are the things that can show your love?  What would your partner would enjoy?  Or your kids?  Your Roommates?


Maybe the bed made

A date

A card




A bone

A tummy rub


A surprise picnic

Breakfast in bed

Tons of cuddles and kisses

A poem written by you


Last week we talked about giving and receiving.  Listening to how your partner wants to be loved is so important.   You, dear one, have a few days to plan.  So, help Cupid out, and deepen your relationship!  It’s a great day to celebrate!

 And if you are like me, and single, what will you do to celebrate love?  What would bless you?


I buy myself flowers and a little bit of See’s and I go down to my favorite beach for a picnic.  I walk the beach and enjoy the beauty and my love affair with the sea.  And I look for heart rocks.  It can be easy to let Valentine’s Day just slip by when you’re single.  And if you prefer, do so, BUT, if you’d like some love… create it.  Maybe treat yourself to a massage or a beautiful drive to look at the stars, or watch your favorite childhood movie.


Let yourself love you!  And let me know how I can love you more too!


Happy happy Valentine’s my sweet one!