Would You Remember?

compassion healing love Feb 15, 2023

If I asked you to do something, if I asked you to write down everything that you love,  how long would it take for you to write down…you?

How long would it take you?

Would you remember?

Or would you get busy at writing down so many other beautiful things that you love?


Would you remember to be grateful for you?


Or would it be the first or one of the first things that you would write?


I was surprised when I thought about this, because I don’t think I would have written me down.  And that struck me.  I love myself but when I think of what I love, 




doesn’t come to mind.  And that’s not a great thing.  

So I have decided that I am going to remember to remember me.  I promise that I will also remember you.  But that’s not the place I sometimes lag.  I lag in taking that extra gratefulness to think of me.


How about you?  What or who did you remember?


Would you do that?  Would you take 3 minutes and write down all the things you most love?


I promise if you let yourself actually, and I mean pen and paper in hand actually, do it, you will feel better.  And post it up somewhere that you can see it often.  Daily!  Let it be a gift to yourself.


Would you?

Would you let yourself remember to love?

And also, will you remember, to love you?


I send you hugs!


Dr Heather