Would You Remember?

Feb 22, 2024

I want to ask you to do something.  If I were to ask you to write down everything that you love,  how long would it take for you to write down….





Would you remember?


Or would you get busy at writing down so many other beautiful things that you love that you wouldn’t even come up?  Is it hard to remember you?


I was surprised because I didn’t write down




Not that I don’t love myself, but when I think of what I love most, I tend to forget  

And since we are the creator of the love we feel, since we generate how we feel, think, and act, we are not going to be our best self if we forget ourselves.  Especially in love.  We just had Valentine’s Day.  And I am sure you thought a lot about loving on those folks who are around you.  How about we spend a few minutes focusing on loving on you?


 Would you take 3 minutes and write down all the things you most love?  Including all you love about you?


I promise if you let yourself, and I mean pen and paper in hand writing it down, you will feel better.  And post it up somewhere that you can see it often.  Daily!  Let it be a gift to yourself.


I am going to remember to remember me.  I promise that I will also remember you. 

Would you do that?


Would you let yourself remember to love?

And also, will you remember to love you?


I send you huge huge hugs!


And in case you didn’t pick yours up yet…



Speaking with the Heart Book



Speaking with the Heart Book