Your Epitaph

choices life transitions Nov 09, 2022

Your Epitaph


What are you most known for?  If you were to die today, what would people remember about you?

How does your legacy live on? 

It'd kind of a morbid thought and yet also really important.  How do you want to be remembered?  What would you like people to say?  Have you achieved your greatest goal?  What's keeping it at bay?


If you think about That final message, are you actively doing things every single day to get you closer to that goal?  Why?  Or why not?  How important is this goal to you?  Does it impact all your choices?   Every day are you working toward your message and your vision?  Are you proud of who you are?   Are you proud of who you are becoming?  Does this illuminate your plan for your life?'  And what's the impact you will have on this world?


How long has this been your purpose?  Your vision?  Your calling?  And what lies ahead?  Is there anything that can get in your way?  And what will you do if it arises?


How badly do you want your legacy to live on.  And what does that say about you?