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And yet we cheat ourselves out of the magicalness?  How?  We don’t hang on tight!


What do you think is the average length of time for a hug between two people?  Take a Guess?  I thought hmmmm, probably 5 seconds.  Wrong!   It’s only 

3 seconds. 3!  But here’s the wild part: researchers have discovered something fantastic.  When a hug lasts 20 seconds, there is an actual therapeutic effect and benefit within the body and mind.


A 20 second embrace produces "oxytocin"  within our bodies.  Oxytocin is also called the love or the cuddle hormone.  It’s a feel good hormone.  The benefits of oxytocin help us physically and mentally.


It helps us:

  • to relax
  • to feel safe 
  • calms our fears
  • lessens anxiety
  • lower blood pressure


And the amazing thing is that a hug is at our disposal at any time.  If you aren’t around others and can’t cradle up in someone’s arms, you can hug your sweet pet, grab and hug a pillow, or even wrap your arms tight around yourself.  You don’t need a prescription or even a buck!  


What happens when you hug?  Don’t you fall into that yummy state of peace, like floating on the ocean?  It’s a lovely lulling feeling.  Hugs are actually a form of meditation. Think about it.  They allow us to be:


  • present in this moment
  • to let go and receive 
  • to flow the energy that is within our bodies
  • calms our mind 


Hugs convey acceptance and compassion.


So who are you going to hug for 20 seconds today?  Better make it 23 just in case you count quickly!  And if you see me, I pretty much always want a hug, so don’t be shy!  Enjoy!

Hugs! Hugs! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuugs!!!!


And what is something we all need after a verbal fight?  A long, long hug!  My next workshop is 


How Do You Recover After a Verbal Fight?


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Okay, one more….hug!!!!


Dr.  Heather