Do You Worry Too Much?

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Do You Worry Too Much?


“Well, I don’t know, but I worry about worrying.”


“And how does this worrying help you?”


“Oh dear God!  Do you mean that now I need to worry that I am not worrying right?”


Uh-oh!  Now we are spiraling down the worry rabbit hole!

But don’t fret!  Dr. Heather, da da da!  Is here to help you!

I am leading a workshop next Thursday to help you lessen your worry about worry!



We are worry at times.  Life can be hard, confusing, and uncertain.  But if you find it is causing health issues are heightened stress, you might want to try a few of these

helpful tips to lessen it!


If you don’t, fatigue, irritability, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, and ulcers can occur.  93% of people with generalized anxiety disorders have some other psychological challenge as well, mostly depression.


But What Can You Do?


Ask yourself:


  1. Is it real? Is it happening right now?

If it’s not, tell yourself,

“Since this isn’t happening right now, I can’t

take any action right now.  There’s nothing here to do.”


  1. If it is real, ask yourself:

”Can I do anything to change it?”  If you can’t, tell yourself this truth.  This is unproductive worry.


A lot of our fear and worry comes from believing we won’t be able to tolerate the pain.  Remind yourself that you always have.  You have gotten through every pain you have ever felt.  You are still here.  You can lessen that a Ute fear by repeating the fear until it loses it’s power.


“I may get breast cancer.  I may get breast cancer.  I may get breast cancer.”  If you keep repeating it again and again it will lose its grip.


Ask yourself, 'What can I do in the present moment to make my life more pleasant or meaningful?'" he says. "You can either focus your mind on getting an answer right now or focus on improving the moment."  Get outside, go for a run, jump in the pool, move and feel and see that you alive and moving.  We make things so much harder by ruminating.  Get going, get moving, help yourself slip out of your head and into your moving body.  There is so much outside of you.  Look around, see all the power and beauty around.   I hope this helps!  Please join the workshop on Thursday if that would help you!




Dr Heather