I HATE My People Pleasing Pitfalls!

2023 anxiety choices communication fear Oct 12, 2023


Do you have them too?  Do you sacrifice yourself so others may like you?

Do you feel scared that others might be disappointed in you?

Is it hard to say no?

Is it hard to say yes to you?

Do you feel unloved or unappreciated?


Not all of us are people pleasers, but there sure are a lot of us out here who have a hard time with this.  I know it comes with a good heart, but it goes awry.  Doesn’t it?  And what happens?  

We become fake.  

Hey, I am right here in this mess with you.  This has been one of my biggest areas of self growth.  Letting myself be me.  And letting others be them.  Period.


There’s a manipulation present in people pleasing.  


It’s true.  

When I am trying to “make you” like me, I am being inauthentic.  And I am wanting to manipulate you.  That sounds bad.  Well, it is.  

Recognizing this is a huge first step in changing this dynamic.


And here’s another huge step!

I am offering a workshop next Thursday from 5:30-630pm over Zoom to explore these important aspects of people pleasing:


Why do we do this?

How did we learn this?

What are the benefits of changing this?

How do we change this?

And what is the freedom that comes from freeing yourself and freeing you from people pleasing pitfalls?


I’d love to help you choose to step into a different dynamic.  A more powerful relationship with you. One that lets you be more true to yourself and to others.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Here’s the link!  Just click it and it will give you all the juicy, well maybe, sugary sweet 



Monthly Workshop

I am excited to support you in this.  Feel free to share my newsletter with anyone who would benefit from learning to be more honest, more aware, and freer within themself.