Illuminate This Wounded World

2023 choices compassion healing love Jun 01, 2023

I love this poem.  I love this truth.


"Love is not something you win;

it is something you breathe,

something that shines through your skin,

illuminating this wounded world.


There is a pain greater than pain,

and that is self-abandonment.


So breathe into your fear.

Inhale into the very centre of your sorrow.

Oxygenate your doubts, uncertainties.

Give your anger room.


Bow to your present experience.


Stand courageously in your moment,

every moment of your precious life.


For you are worthy, and complete,

and you have the right to exist

exactly as you are.


No more turning away, friend.

Those days are over."


~ Jeff Foster


Next week I will be leading a workshop on loving deeply.  I’d be honored to have you attend!  I’ve been sharing how to take better care of you over the past few weeks.  And I know some of you are still struggling a bit or simply wanting to bask in allowing yourself to love more deeply and fully. Let me guide you through some warm, gentle, uplifting self love and intimacy techniques and meditation.


And reach out if you have any questions!  Feel free to share this with anyone who might be blessed.  

Bless you deeply!


Dr Heather